Visura Magazine

Visura Media produces and designs Visura Magazine—an online, invitation only publication that features personal projects chosen by the contributing artists themselves. The article text is edited through a collaborative process with the artists. Our goal is to be true to their voice.

Visura Magazine has collaborated with over one hundred artists since it’s launch in January 2009. Amongst the artists are Joan Liftin, Luis González Palma, Joseph Rodriguez, and Fazal Sheikh, to name a few.

In addition the online magazine features a section of columns by photographers and writers who are an inspiration. Award winning Cuban-Puerto Rican author Mayra Montero contributes short stories, translated to English by Lyn Domínguez. Jeff Jacobson‘s column In the USA features one image per issue of his choice. Richard Mosse has a column titled Via, which he publishes an image or video piece from a given location. Recently, Visura welcomed two inspiring photographers: 1) Larry Fink with a column titled Hands On, through which the artist explores life through images and the spoken word; 2) and, Charles Harbutt, who in his column Reflections features written essays on photography. Serendipity curated by publisher Adriana Teresa features an image, a series, a video or a poem by another artist of her choice. Finally, Lauren Schneiderman—Editor of Visura Spotlight for Students and Emerging Artists—and Adriana Teresa collaborate on the In Conversation, a series in which respected editors, curators, photographers, visual artists, authors and other personalities in the photography industry are interviewed.

Check out the complete list of Visura Magazine Columnists.