2011 FotoVisura Pavilion

Curated and produced by Adriana Teresa, the FotoVisura Pavilion—located in the Dumbo Arts Center—is sponsored by the Viso Lizardi Family. In this year’s exhibition, curator Adriana Teresa seeks to inspire a dialogue on how the roles we assume are a mere reflection of the life that we live; how photography can become a mirror to that life and in doing so introduce a historical narrative of an event and the experience of an individual, as well as that of a community, city, state, and a country; and, how from a human standpoint we are fragile, and this contemporary world is a humbling experience to our generation.


NY Times Lens Blog | The Congressional Record (1.2Mb)

Vwa (Voice) Exhibition, United Nations NYC

The Envision Foundation

The Vwa (Voice) Exhibition is composed of a selection of twenty-one images from participating Haitian students from Jacmel, Cap Haitien and Camp Espoir. The selection is the result of a hands-on professionally operated workshop built around a photography curriculum, in which cameras are given to kids who have no previous experience with photography.

The students who participated in The Photo-Sphere workshops were invited to express their identity as individuals and citizens. Documenting their communities challenged them to focus on the vital role they can play in contributing to their society.

The Photo-Sphere workshops in Haiti were run by The Envision Foundation for Photography and Digital Media in partnership with UNICEF and PLAN in Haiti.


This exhibition is made possible with In-Kind support by Beth Schiffer Pro Photo Lab and L2 Fine Art Mounting & Framing.

Opening Saturday, October 23, 2010

Adriana Teresa (Editor in Chief, Visura Magazine) was asked to curating the 2010 Best of Show Exhibition for the International Photography Awards, a sister effort of The Lucie Foundation.

The 2010 Best of Show photographers are: Jowhara AlSaud, Tommaso Ausili, Marcus Bleasdale, Marcus Buck, Claudia Calle, Alexandru Cocian, Jordi Cohen, Salvi Danés Vernedas, Anna Mia Davidson, Oleg Dou, Susan Falzone, David Favrod, Jason Florio, Emer Gillespie, Maria Elena Gioka, Mark Edward Harris, Ryan Hellard, Nadav Kander, Andreas Kauppi, Kristina Kostainova, Jim Krantz, Collin LaFlech, Achim Lippoth, Sebastian Liste, Larry Louie, Eric Lusito, Roxanne Lowit, Jukka Male, Russ Martin, Edgar Martins, Marcia Michael, Emilio Morenatti, Zed Nelson, Bill Phelps, Erick & Ian Regnard, Stephen Reiss, Julian Roeder, Abel Ruiz de Leon Trespando, Mateusz Sarełło, Jeff Sheng, Jola Skóra, Carsten Snejbjerg and Krzysztof Wladyka.

Exhibition Information, IPA Best of Show exhibit will be held at Splashlight Studios, 7-10 pm, Saturday, October 23, 2010 Open to the public ONE HUDSON SQUARE (75 Varick Street, Third Floor) New York, NY 10013 T. 212 268 7247 www.splashlight.com

More information can be found on the press release.

GuatePhoto Festival

Curated by Adriana Teresa / Visura

Enamored is a visual reflection about the force within women which binds our strength with our passion, intelligence with our body and healing power through belief; the internal energy that makes us courageous and victorious, without retaliation. On the contrary, it is a force, inspired by love, that is revealed in our silence.

This exhibit addresses the innate inner strength in women, one that unites us worldwide; transcending social, cultural and economical barriers. The fiber of the feminine within. The inner spirit. The energy that crucifies and crowns. The radiance that inspires with love when one is enamored.

This photographic exhibition seeks to let this intangible force become tangible, at least for an instant. Maybe this visualization will inspire change.

Location: Carlos Mérida Museum of Modern Art
Website: www.guatephotofestival.com

GuatePhoto Festival

Curated by Adriana Teresa

Jaime Permuth, Jodi Watkins, Joseph Rodríguez, Richard Mosse, Lissie Habie (pictured), Achim Lippoth, Liudmila & Nelson, Maria Martínez—Cañas, Jeff Jacobson & Marnie Andrews

An energetic projection of various photographic works, video and multi-media installations

Location: Carlos Mérida Museum of Modern Art
Website: www.guatephotofestival.com

FotoVisura is dedicated to the development and production of photography Pavilions featuring exhibitions by Latin Artists for International Photography Festivals.

Current Show: www.fotovisurapavilion.com


Presents two exhibitions:




2008 New York Photo Festival
Adriana Teresa / FotoVisura curated an exhibition of photographs titled Tierra De Mudos.


Featuring Charles Harbutt, Joan Liftin, Alex Webb, Jeff Jacobson, Sylvia Plachy, Naho Kubota, Suzanne Opton, Rebecca Norris Webb, and Lucille Fornasieri-Gold. Curated by Adriana Teresa

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Curated by Adriana Teresa, the exhibition features a selection of never before seen images by Puerto Rican photographer Hector Méndez Caratini that served as the unifying synopsis of two photo essays: Haciendas Cafetaleras de Puerto Rico (1987-1990) & Raices Ancestrales en el Nuevo Mundo (1991-1996).